Take part in a closed LOOK & LEARN show with a men's haircut champion!


Take part in a closed LOOK & LEARN show with a men's haircut champion!

The international artist Leah Hayden Cassidy, known as Hayden Cassidy, was born in Ireland, but currently lives in London, UK.
Hayden specializes in men's hair, combining the techniques of each aspect of hairdressing and drawing inspiration from experiences from various countries and cultures. She has performed on stages throughout Europe, Asia and America along with the best hairdressers of our generation, always trying to deepen her knowledge and improve new techniques.

Leah began her career in Ireland when the great barbering boom began, drawing inspiration from American hairdressers. She has created a distinctive, clean look that is appreciated all over the world.

Leah has worked with magazines, photographers, musicians and other creators to manifest her style that combines fashion with today's hairdressing industry, always developing her talent and artistic vision. Hayden passionately shares his knowledge through tutorials, and by creating an educational platform for hairdressers, she has gained a strong reputation as an educator among global audiences.

Tickets will be available in three pools

* First pot: PLN 149 until February 15

* Second pot: PLN 195 to March 20

* Third pot PLN 245 until April 4